In principle, when we think of man’s best friend, it is immediately the dog that comes to mind because he is loyal, intelligent and devoted. But for this man, who lives in Turkey, his best friend is a swan who has accompanied him every day for 37 years now! This story is surprising, because swans are known more for being sometimes aggressive towards people than for being friendly and loyal. But this swan, very grateful to have been saved by Recep Mirzan, a 63-year-old retired postman, has accompanied him everywhere for nearly 40 years.

Indeed, 37 years ago, the man saw a swan with a broken wing in a field. Recep immediately decided to help the injured swan and took him home to care for him. Once back on his feet, Recept renamed him Garip, which means “strange”. Since that day, they have become best friends and never leave each other’s side. The swan lives with the man on his farm and accompanies him every day, without ever trying to escape.


Even if everything seemed to oppose these two beings, this beautiful story proves to us that destiny sometimes has nice surprises in store for us!

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