A retired judge grew tired of the silence in his house after losing his wife and devised an unusual but noble way to fill that void.

He built an outdoor pool in his garden for neighbors and their children.

Keith Davidson, 94, from a small town in Minnesota, says that the house had become « too quiet » since he lost his wife in April 2016.

« For many years, nothing was more important to me than her. And when the grief subsided, I decided that something else needed to be done. »

Davidson decided that the best way to alleviate the oppressive atmosphere was to build a swimming pool that the local children were yearning for.

He says, « We have a wonderful community, very friendly and full of children. So, I thought it would be great. »

His neighbor Jessica Hübner says that the Davidsons always treated their children like adopted grandchildren: they loved spending time together, telling stories, and having fun.

« Keith and the late Evie have always been the kindest and most beautiful neighbors. He loves children very much and enjoys seeing them play in his garden. »

Davidson contacted a local family-owned business that had built the pool in his previous home 40 years ago. It turned out that the company still existed, and soon a digger was working in his yard.

The neighbors were overjoyed!

Hübner says, « One day, he suddenly said, ‘Jess, I want to build a pool,’ but I thought it was just talk. And then I look—and he has already marked the yard, then a concrete mixer arrived, and once—there’s already a beautiful pool! »

The pool has dimensions of 5 x 10 meters, a sloping bottom with a depth of up to 2.5 meters, and a 2-meter diving board.

Davidson says, « They love to swim, but I only allow them to come with an adult. I have strict rules; I used to be a lawyer and a judge. »

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